Over 20 economic units from the country are banned to participate in public tenders

Natalia Porubin
Valeriu Secaş (stânga) a vorbit despre lista de interdicţie în cadrul unei şedinţe a Clubului Jurnaliştilor de Investigaţie Foto: Anticoruptie.md

As of the beginning of current year, five economic units were included in the black list of participation in public procurement procedures. In most cases, this measure was applied for procedural irregularities, false documents or delivery of poor quality production. In three cases, the companies have gained the right to participate in the tender based on the decision of the courts.

The blacklist is drawn up by the Public Procurement Agency. Once placed in the ban list, the economic unit is no longer allowed to participate in public procurement competitions for three years. This decision may be challenged in court.

According to Valeriu Secas, deputy director of the Public Procurement Agency, the black list is one of the tools which the state has established to protect the interests of the contracting authorities. Thus, if one does not comply with the contract, the contracting authority must not accept goods or services purchased, but can report dishonest traders.

"The contracting authority shall require performance of the contract in its initial form and is not obliged to accept the goods if they do not meet the norms. If the economic operator refuses to respect the contract, the contracting authority has the right to terminate it and is obliged to notify the Public Procurement Agency to place the company in the black list", said Valeriu Secas.

Currently, the black list of the Public Procurement Agency includes 24 companies. Some of them will be able to resume work in 2018.

Natalia Porubin

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