The suspension from the office of the prosecutor Mirandolina Sușițcaia, unmasked by the CIJM, in standby mode

The examination of the procedure regarding the suspension from office of Mirandolina Suşiţcaia, criminally investigated for illicit enrichment and abuse of office, was postponed. It happened because the meeting of the Superior Council of Prosecutors did not take place, due to a lack of quorum. Sușițcaia came under the

Two civil servants, subjects of several CIJM investigations, will be investigated by integrity inspectors


A couple of prosecutors, Ruslan and Iulia Popov, accused of illicit enrichment following CIJM investigations, requested the relocation of the case


DOC// The fortune of Ilan Șor in NIA focus. What role could play his wife, the singer Jasmin, for his party


DOC// The prosecutor who declared her Mercedes at the price of 10,000 lei, saved by the Board of Ethics and Discipline. A member of the SCP appealed the decision


DOC//The managing director of Moldovagaz, in the process of honor defenсe. What are the concerns of Vadim Ceban


Ten prosecutors, some of them prosecuted after CIJM investigations, will learn about their disciplinary actions. Who are they


Veaceslav Platon against the FISC. How many millions is he "fighting for" in court


Vladimir Andronachi had to return to Moldova. Details provided by Veronica Dragalin


A couple of prosecutors, Ruslan and Iulia Popov, accused of illicit enrichment, before an important decision