Businesses, assets and interests of deputy ministers from Strelet Government (II)

Author: Mariana Colun
07/10/2015 30746

Amongst deputy ministers promoted in the Strelet Government there are rich and poor, with thriving and less active businesses, with clean or less clean records. Even if the new public office is incompatible with any other paid post some new deputies continue to administer businesses, some of them in the very field where they have been promoted. Reporters of the Center for Investigative Journalism have X-rayed the declarations of assets and interests of the second level officials of ministries, have checked them through various open databases and we propose below for your attention what assets  and interests these Strelet Government deputy ministers have.

Ministry of Finance

At the Ministry of Finance the deputies have remained the same: Simion Botnari and Maria Caraus.

Simion Botnari, Photo:

Simion Botnari –member in three Management Boards

He joined the public service coming from the private sector. Since 2010 he has worked in the Public Procurement Agency and in the past two years was the head of this institution. Doesn’t have any companies registered in his name. According to the latest income and assets statement, in 2012, together with his wife, Botnari has purchased an apartment with a value of 414 000 lei. Officially, he is member of the management board of three state-owned companies: "Road-Nisporeni" JSC, "Road-Edinet" JSC and "Silva-Center".

Maria Caraus, Photo:

Maria Caraus

Deputy Minister of Finance since 2010. She was previously head of the General Directorate of Finance for the Chisinau Municipal Council and she also worked in the Ministry of Finance. In 2013 income and assets statement she indicated a salary of 162,000 lei and a pension of 61,000 lei. She is the state representative in four companies with state capital: Agricultural Information Centre, Energy Shield, Medisan and Moldexpo. From these enterprises in 2013 she received emoluments totaling about 96 thousand lei. Deputy Minister of Finance has an apartment with a cadastral value of about 367 thousand lei and a garage.

Ministry of Culture

The Minister of Culture has also reappointed the old deputies, Gheorghe Postica and Igor Sarov.

Gheorghe Postica, Photo:

Gheorghe Postica - concealed abuses committed by the former minister, Boris Focsa

He has been Deputy Minister of Culture since 2009. According to the statement of income and assets for 2013, the official received a salary of 130 thousand lei. He declared an apartment of 60 square meters, valued at 336,000 lei, and a villa. Postica also owns a plot of land and a car, for which he paid 4,600 euros in 2007. Gheorghe Postica was subject in an investigation by the Center for Investigative Journalism in connection with the case of the former chief accountant of the Ministry of Culture that would have concealed information about abuses committed at those times by her boss Boris Focsa. He was notified by the accountant of the Ministry about a number of serious abuses she had commited together with Minister Boris Focsa but failed to notify the relevant institutions to investigate those transgressions nor ordered an internal investigation, although according to his duty obligations he was obliged to do so.

Igor Sarov, Photo:

Igor Sarov – “fat” contracts with the state

He has been in this position since September 2013. He filled in twice his declaration of income and assets. Initially, when appointed, he stated that he has no property, and later one apartment appeared in his ownership, then another one. This, when in July 2014, the National Integrity Commission started a check on the possible infringement of the legal regime of declaration of income and property for 2013 by Igor Sarov. The case was closed.

According to the statement of income and assets for 2013 Sarov had a plot of land, two apartments and two cars, one of which valuated at 320 thousand lei.

The Deputy Minister also has a business in his field of work. He is co-founder of Cardidact company specialized in publishing books and brochures, but also in manufacturing furniture. This company is currently operated by the wife of the Deputy Minister. The company, as shown by the Public Procurement Agency data, is lucky for state money - only last year obtaining contracts worth 2.1 million lei concluded with the Ministry of Education and its subordinate institutions.

Ministry of Information Technology and Communications

The old deputy ministers have been reappointed.

Dmitri Parfentiev, Photo:

Dmitrii Parfentiev

Parfentiev was appointed deputy minister on 12 June 2013. He was previously Head of the department for communication policies, in the same ministry. According to his statement of income and assets in 2013, Parfentiev had an income of 120 thousand lei from his workplace and salaries of over 56 thousands lei from his state representation in Management Boards of companies with state capital: Posta Moldovei (Postal Service of Moldova), Registru (Country’s Center for Informational Resources), Radicomunications , and National Radio Frequency Center.

The Deputy Minister has half an apartment, purchased in 2011 with 513,000 lei, a car and some bank accounts.

Vitali Ciolac, Photo:

Vitali Ciolac

He comes from the private sector. In his declaration of income and assets for 2013 he reported his salary at the Ministry, as well as earnings from the private sector. He has a car purchased in 2012 with 50 thousand lei and owns 1% of shares in the “Gast-Grup” LLC.

Vitalie Tarlev, Photo:

Vitalie Tarlev – non-declared businesses

For more than seven years he has led the Department for international European integration and cooperation at the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications. In 2013, Tarlev reported a salary of 193 thousand lei, including his state representation in various state enterprises. He owns a car, but no home.

Data from the State Registration Chamber indicate that Vitalie Tarlev was among the founders of the company – Bastrans-auto LLC - specializing in transport, tourism and construction.

Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family

Minister Mircea Buga has reappointed one deputy, Laura Grecu and appointed a new deputy, Boris Gilca. In terms of assets both deputies are quite modest.

Boris Gilca, Photo:

Boris Gilca

Ex-prime state advisor of former prime-minister Chiril Gaburici in the field of health care and social development.

Obstetrician gynecologist, ex-director of the Women's Health Center "Dalila" in Chisinau. Since 2001 he has worked as Program Coordinator of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Moldova. He has not made public his income and assets statement.

Laura Grecu, Photo:

Laura Grecu

She has worked in the ministry since 1999, in the last seven years as head of Social policy department. She has experience in negotiating international agreements in the field of labor and social protection. According to her statement of income, in 2013 she raised a salary of 123 thousand lei. She also has an apartment and a car purchased in 2005.

Ministry of Education

At the Ministry of Education all deputies have been replaced. The new deputies of Corina Fusu are Cristina Boaghi, Ion Siscanu and Nadejda Cristea. They are quite modest in terms of assets and businesses likewise their colleagues from the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

Cristina Boaghi, Photo:

Cristina Boaghi

She comes to the Ministry of Education from the position of lawyer, main consultant in the Legal Affairs Directorate, of the Moldovan Parliament Secretariat. A candidate on the Liberal Party lists in the parliamentary elections in 2010 and 2014. According to the income and assets statement, lives only from salary, has neither home of her own, no car.

Ion Siscanu, Foto:

Ion Siscanu

Ion Siscanu has a PhD in history, in the past he was the rector at the State University„B.P.Hașdeu” in Cahul. In 2011-2015 he worked as Cahul city and district council councilor on the Liberal Party lists.

Nadejda Cristea, Photo:

Nadejda Cristea

She had previously run Pro Didactica magazine and had been director of the Pro Succes lyceum in Chisinau. In the declaration of assets for 2013 she indicated a salary of 84 thousand lei, no house, no car and no shares in any company.

Ministry of Justice

At the Ministry of Justice, deputy minister Nicolae Esanu was reappointed and Sergiu Gurduja was replaced with Eduard Serbenco.

Eduard Serbenco, Photo:

Eduard Serbenco

He is a doctor in law and university lecturer, deputy dean at the Faculty of Law of the State University of Moldova. The new deputy previously worked as a lawyer at the Ministry of Justice of Quebec, Canada.

In the declaration of assets for 2014 the newly appointed deputy minister declares a plot of land for construction with cadastral value of 26,000 lei, an apartment of 32 square meters, the cadastral value of which is not indicated. The year 2011 was a prosperous one for Eduard Serbenco. Thus, he became the owner of two buildings of 53.8, respectively 40.4 square meters valued at 47 000 and 32000 lei, as well as a house of 239.1 square meters, the cadastral value of nearly half a million lei. The official has a few accounts and bank deposits, but does not own any cars or hold shares in private companies.

Nicolae Esanu, Photo:

Nicolae Esanu

He held this position in 2004-2009, during the reign of the Communist Party. According to the 2014 income and assets statement, Esanu had a cumulative salary of nearly 170 thousand lei and an allowance from the Council of Europe of 63 thousand lei. He owns a 107.8 square meter apartment with a cadastral value of 622,000 lei, a car which he bought for 240 thousand lei and 20 shares in Tirex Petrol JV.

Ministry of Regional Development and Construction

Two deputies of Regional Development and Construction were reappointed – Ion Stratulat and Anatolie Zolotcov, and Anatol Usatii has been newly appointed.

Anatol Usatii, Photo:

Anatol Usatii

Since 2010 has worked as Director of the Road Rehabilitation Project, implemented with the support of Millennium Challenge Corporation, managing the rehabilitation of Sarateni-Soroca sector of the road. Previously he worked within the project implementation unit of Druminvest company and State Road Administration. In the Gaburici Government he was Deputy Minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure. In his mandate, the press wrote about irregularities in tendering for works of repair and maintenance of roads. Experts from the Independent Analytical Center "Expert-Grup" said authorities would favor a limited number of companies to win multimillion contracts with the state.

Ion Stratulat, Photo:

Ion Stratulat – not-declared businesses

Ion Stratulat has been Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction since 1 April 2015. From November 2013 to December 2014 he was a Member of the Moldovan Parliament. He held several senior management positions, including the Chief of Capital Construction Department at Orhei, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Orhei District (1990), director of the State Department of the Republic of Moldova for Architecture, Urbanism and Control of Construction works (1991-1992); deputy minister of architecture and construction of Moldova (1992-1994).

In the period 2007-2011 he was mayor of Orhei after having served as interim director, then deputy director of the State Enterprise "Soil Protection and Land Improvement". According to the declaration of assets in 2014 he raised an income of 193,000 lei, including pension. Ion Stratulat also declared a 73.2 square meter apartment, a garage and two real estate objects and two plots of land. Together with his wife he owns 788 shares in the joint venture company „Scientific research and exploration in construction”. This company specializes in design and construction, building several apartment blocks and offices in Chisinau and other regions of the country. In addition to the shares he holds in this company, it seems that Ion Stratulat founded several other companies, which however were not represented in the income and assets statement. Among them, Artmuzic LLC, specialized in organizing concerts and Strilox LLC, specialized in retail trade. State Registration Chamber data show that Stratulat is listed as manager of these companies. To be noted that the post of the Deputy Minister is incompatible with any other remunerated jobs.

Anatolie Zolotcov, Photo:

Anatolie Zolotcov – not-declared companies

He has been in this post since 2009. Previously he worked in the private sector in the field of design. According to the 2013 income and assets statement, Zolotcov’s salary was 144 000 lei. However, the assets of the deputy minister are worth millions. He declared a plot of land and four real estate objects with a total cadastral value of about 3.9 million lei and a BMW for which in 2011 he paid over 460 thousand lei. Although in his statement Zolotcov did not indicate to hold shares in any company, the State Registration Chamber data show that the reappointed deputy minister does business in his field of work. He is listed as a founder of four companies. In 2000, he registered the "Anatolie Zolotcov" LLC where he had been manager prior becoming deputy minister. Now, the post is suspended. Also, the deputy minister Zolotcov with Evgeny Zuev founded "Gas & Oil Group" LLC specialized in fuel wholesale trade.  Currently the company is in the process of dissolution.

Also, in September and December 2001 Anatolie Zolotcov founded two companies - "Betonbloc" LLC and together with Ion Raileanu "Baumat" LLC. Both companies are specialized in construction activities including road works, trade with ironware and wood materials.

Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure

At the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure were replaced both deputies with the the newly appointed Vitalie Rapcea and Sergiu Bucataru.

Vitalie Rapcea, Photo:

Vitalie Rapcea

He was Advisor to the Minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure, Iurie Chirinciuc. He is a lecturer at Academy of Economic Studies and a researcher at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. In 2005, the new deputy founded "Vox Dei"LLC, which makes business in various areas - from legal advisory services, to trade, sports activities, market research and even fruit and grape production. So far, he has not made public his declaration of assets.

Sergiu Bucataru, Photo:

Sergiu Bucataru

In recent years he worked as a lawyer. He has a company, specializing in advisory and legal assistance. Until now, he has not made public his declaration of assets and income.

Ministry of Defence

Anatolie Salaru reappointed Alexandru Cimbriciuc and appointed a new deputy, Gheorghe Galbura

Alexandru Cimbriciuc

Alexandru Cimbriciuc, Photo:

Former Member of Parliament of Moldova in 2009-2014 on the lists of the Liberal-Democrat Party, member of the National Security, Defense and Public Council. Between 1990 and 1993, he worked in the Ministry of the Interior, at Soroca Police Department. Cimbriciuc’s name was subject of some investigations carried out by the Center for Investigative Journalism in relation to his assets and businesses. He is the founder of the security company "Pu Ciuan" managed by his wife, Ala Cimbriciuc. The new deputy minister also owns "Turtica", a company specializing in anti-fire equipment and managed by Felicia Cimbriciuc-Brumaretchii, daughter of Deputy Minister. His wife, Ala, is the founder of two other companies: one founded in 2003 and the second founded in 2014, both companies run by her. The company is specialised in import of medical devices and retail trade of medical and orthopedic goods. The deputy minister owns two plots of land obtained in 2006 and 2013. He owns a house, purchased in 2003, valued at 818,000 lei, an apartment of 107 square meters, purchased in 2012 with almost 600 thousand lei and a trade space of 245 square meters, purchased in 2010 with a cadastral value of 521,000 lei.

Gheorghe Galbura, Photo:

Gheorghe Galbura – deputy minister of Defence

He is a retired colonel and worked all his life in the National Army. Veteran of the Nistru war. Graduate of the Novosibirsk Higher Military School and Academy of Public Administration in Chisinau. He has not made public his income and assets statement, so far.

Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry

At the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry all deputies have been reappointed, Vlad Loghin, Nicolae Olaru and Eduard Grama.

Vlad Loghin, Photo:

Vlad Loghin

From 1997 to 2014 he worked in Canada, where he was president of a company in the import/export of agricultural products, including Moldova. In the declaration of assets completed shortly after the appointment he reported two plots of agricultural land, a house in Canada of 500 square meters, with a cadastral value of 33 million lei and a boat, also registered in Canada, valued at 198,000 lei. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture declared Euro Fruit Inc., a firm registered in Canada, which he founded together with his wife.

Nicolae Olaru – big time landowner

Nicolae Olaru, Photo:

Former Member of Parliament of the Republic of Moldova during 2010-2014, on the the Liberal-Democrat Party lists, member of Agriculture and Food Industry Commission. In his income and assets statement for 2014 Olaru indicated a salary of nearly 150 thousand lei and an MP allowance of 50 thousand lei. He also declared 40 plots of land, two houses and a garage. Since 2012 the Deputy Minister holds the right of using a Nissan Qashqai manufactured in 2012. He has two tractors and agricultural equipment worth 200 thousand lei.

Nicolae Olaru, however forgot to mention in his statement the companies he founded, about which reporters of the Center for Investigative Journalism previously had written. He owns an agricultural firm "Nicolae Olaru"LLC in Sircova village, Rezina, with many hectares of farmland. People from Sircova, where he was mayor in 1989-1998 said that Deputy Minister is the local landlord managing together with his employees about 300 hectares of land, on which he grows wheat, corn and sunflower. Some of these lands belong to him, but others plots are leased from villagers.

Eduard Grama

Eduard Grama, Photo:

Former deputy head of Chisinau customs, and general manager of "Chateau Vartely". In 2013, the press wrote that Eduard Grama owned an apartment bought back in 2007 with half a million lei and a Scoda Superb bought in 2012. Also, Grama, with his wife, runs a business in the field of food and wine-making - "Poliproiect".

According to his declaration of assets, in 2013 he had an income of 120,000 lei and his wife, besides the salary of just over 100,000 lei also received a donation of half a million lei. Donor’s name was not indicated in the statement of income and assets. Grama declared a plot of land for construction, purchased in 2013 with half a million lei, a house of 163 square meters purchased in 2013 by nearly one million lei, and two other building accessories.


This investigation has been produced as part of the “Journalists for Integrity in Public Service” campaign, carried out the Center for Investigative Journalism with the Support of the Good Governance Program of Soros Foundation Moldova. The donor does not influence the topic or content of the published investigations.

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