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2015 – year of state criminals

The year that ends was difficult; perhaps the most difficult since the Republic of Moldova got its independence.  Three governments have succeeded in just half a year; Parliament was broken in opportunistic alliances based on interests. Corruption scandals were largely made public in press but they were not materialized [...] 3

31/12/2015 4573

Audit with interests? Who owns the companies selected by the Ministry of Finance to carry out financial controls at state enterprises?

The government has recently approved a list of 37 audit companies, filled by the Ministry of Finance, that will audit the financial statements of state enterprises or companies in which the state share exceeds 50 percent of the social capital. One of the companies approved to make checks in [...] 1

28/12/2015 12474

Prime Minister-designate Ion Sturza presented the Declaration on integrity for future government members

Prime Minister-designate Ion Sturza presented a declaration on integrity for the future cabinet members. The document was put forth at a meeting with representatives of the civil society. “To have an integral government, it is extremely important that its members meet more criteria, such as: he/she should have good criminal [...] 2

26/12/2015 5856

VIDEO Former Education Minister of Moldova, Maia Sandu launched a political party

Maia Sandu, former Minister of Education, announced on the Facebook page about the launch of a movement to create a new political party. “I know that many of you don't feel like making politics, particularly in current conditions when there seems to be no room for honest people at power. [...] 2

23/12/2015 6559

Off-SHOR Airport via Russia (II)

To ensure incomes estimated at over one billion Euros to the company „Avia Invest”, managed by the current mayor of Orhei Ilan Shor, the main suspect in the case on the theft of billion from the financial-banking system of the Republic of Moldova, the Government does not want to [...] 1

18/12/2015 13845

Illegal sand extraction from the Nistru and Prut Rivers: some get wealthy while the country has losses

The Republic of Moldova has two inland waterways of international importance: the Nistru and the Prut Rivers. Representatives of the fleets of these two rivers insist that they must constantly clean these waterways and every year on this pretext, hundreds of tons of sand, gravel and stones are illegally [...] 1

15/12/2015 12378

Journalists from Moldova and Ukraine will carry out investigations in a Freedom House cross-border project

Forty journalists, bloggers and activists from Moldova and Ukraine will carry out together many cross-border investigations focused on corruption and organized crime. Joint teams were created in the Winter School for exchange of experience in cross-border investigative journalism MUTE @ Corruption, held in Odessa between 7 and December 12, [...] 2

14/12/2015 6070

Off-SHOR Airport via Russia

Chisinau International Airport (AIC) lease is one of the most controversial "businesses" concluded by the Government of the Republic of Moldova in recent years. Although 5 European companies with experience in airport activity were invited to participate in the contest, the competition commission chose an anonymous company, founded by [...] 1

11/12/2015 13677

Vladimir Molojen was acquitted after he enriched his family’s company during his tenure

Vladimir Molojen (69), former Minister of Information Development, concluded public contracts estimated at over two million lei with the company of his family seven years ago. He was acquitted on December 9th, by the Buiucani District Court in the capital, though the anticorruption prosecutor ruled six years in prison. [...] 1

09/12/2015 14291

Deputy Director of the National Anti-corruption Center, Cristina Tarna: "Shor might be arrested again if there are new suspicions of corruption"

Mayor of town Orhei Ilan Shor might be arrested again if there is new information about corruption offenses committed by him, whom he hid, said the deputy director of the National Anti-Corruption Center, Cristina Tarna. “For example, this can happened if someone comes and says that he has committed other [...] 6

09/12/2015 6403

Moldova and the need for a leader

Over 30 percent of Moldovans trust a lot, and an equal number quite trust Vladimir Putin, only 13% trust Angela Merkel and 5% - Barack Obama. These are the latest data of the Public Opinion Barometer. I read, I re-read and my mood oscillates between sadness, anger and misunderstanding. Is [...] 3

09/12/2015 6314

Mihail Saakasvili about the case of Vlad Filat: "Like many others, I believe that this is selective justice"

Former Georgian President Mihail Saakasvili, current governor of Odessa region, pointed that the case of former Prime Minister Vlad Filat would have signs of selective justice. "I wish very much that this does not turn into selective justice when a group obtained levers and arrested the leader of the [...] 2

07/12/2015 7584

Sentence of Veaceslav Negruta condemned in the case of record-compensations, upheld by the Court of Appeal Chisinau

The Court of Appeal Chisinau upheld the decision of the first instance in which Veaceslav Negruta, former Minister of Finance, was sentenced to three years probation by Rascani District Court of the capital in the case of record-compensations estimated at 400,000 euros, offered to Pantelei Sandulachi former Liberal-Democrat MP [...] 6

07/12/2015 7944

Manipulations in the judiciary system

Though the Judiciary Inspection found no violations in the distribution of cases, data from the Integrated Case Management Program show the existence of several problems. The program of random distribution of cases works perfectly, says the Judiciary Inspection (IJ) that verified the registration and distribution of cases in Moldovan Courts [...] 1

04/12/2015 6852

From Lucinschi to Dodon? A socialist MP wants license to retransmit Russian NTV

Socialist MPs consolidate their media group which they would control. The company Exclusiv Media, whose official founder is MP of PSRM Corneliu Furculita requested from the Broadcasting Coordinating Council (BCC) a broadcasting license for NTV Moldova that will air NTV programs from Russia, a channel close to Kremlin, retransmitted [...] 2

03/12/2015 8633

Moldovagaz: Luxury houses and agreements signed between family members

Agreements of collaboration have been signed in the last three years between enterprises founded by Moldovagaz and companies affiliated to the family of the head of the Administration Council of the enterprise, Alexandru Gusev.  Based on these agreements, private and “independent” economic units perform the metering certification of natural [...] 1

03/12/2015 20607

We need Mujica in Moldova

We found ourselves in a world of very corrupt and compromised politicians. Economic and political crisis affect each of us, but less the politicians and their friends. They have their companies (they do not pay taxes for the majority of their companies), they have big houses worth tens and [...] 3

01/12/2015 5342