The Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office Filed a New Criminal Case Against the Suspended General Prosecutor, Alexandr Stoianoglo

The Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office filed a new criminal case on illicit enrichment against the suspended general prosecutor, Alexandr Stoianoglo.  Alexandr Stoianoglo is suspected of having bought an apartment with an area of ​​135 square meters in 2015, next to the apartment where he lives, which he registered in the

Julieta Saviţchi

The Arrest Warrant Against the Fugitive Vladimir Plahotniuc, Upheld


Six Officers Within the NAC Are Being Investigated for Lack of Integrity


Prosecutors oppose the release of Plahotniuc's close man, former director of SIS Vasile Botnari


Chisinau Court of Appeal ends Ala Popa's lawyer's attempt to bring CIJM journalists to the trial


VIDEO // Former lawyer Ala Popa loses again: Chisinau Court of Appeal rejected the complaint regarding the violation of the right to protect her image when conducting an investigation by CIJM


Impact of an investigation by the Center of Investigative Journalism in Moldova. Prosecutor Ruslan Popov to stand trial


Marina Tauber remains without legislative immunity


Impact of an investigation by CIJM: Prosecutor Igor Popa leaves the system after 22 years of activity. The Superior Council of Prosecutors accepted Igor Popa's resignation request.


Impact of an investigation by CIJM: Former SIS director Vasile Botnari remains behind bars