Impact of an investigation of the Center of Investigative Journalism: The property of two anti-corruption prosecutors in check by ANI

Irina Odobescu
Colaj: CIJM

The National Integrity Authority (ANI) filed a complaint following the investigation „The rich from the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office”, carried out by  the Center of Investigative Journalism. The authority started the control into the property of two prosecutors and confirmed that one of them is Alexandru Cernei.

The analysis of the 2020 statements on property and personal interests of the anti-corruption prosecutors shows that every third anti-corruption prosecutor lives in style, benefits from donations or goods registered in the name of relatives.

For example, prosecutor Alexandru Cernei bought a house of 133.9 square meters last year, for which he paid 1,460,986 lei. In order to take possession of the coveted home, he contracted a loan of one million lei from a commercial bank, with an annual interest rate of 7%. He must return the money within five years. Until then, the family has lived in an apartment with an area of ​​over 80 square meters that they owned starting with 2010.

Last year, the prosecutor had a salary income of 329,061 lei, and another 8,247 lei he received as compensation from CNAS for temporary incapacity for work. Instead, his wife, Lilia, brought to the family, income of 319,149 lei obtained by the Donatella-Tur company, which she founded and she manages since 2009.

Lilia Cernei also contributed to the family's income with 35,500 lei, the manager's salary from Donatella-Tur, 11,500 lei, the interest from bank deposits, and 21,000 lei the fee for leasing a building of 65 square meters to the company which she manages.

In 2016, Cernei family bought a new Skoda Octavia car, for which they paid 14,250 euros. A year later, the family took possession of another new Hyundai Tucson car. Almost 19,000 euros were paid for this car and it is registered as the property of the Donatella-Tur company.

Irina Odobescu

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