A database of women experts in various fields was launched to facilitate the presence of women in mass media

Colaj CIJM

On Thursday, a database of women experts in various fields was launched in Chisinau, within the Club of Investigative Journalists. The database was elaborated within the Women Investigative Journalists Network (WIJN) and was developed by the Center for Investigative Journalism from Moldova (CIJM) together with the Regional Press Development Institute from Ukraine , Monitor-Studio in Georgia and Media Initiative in Armenia , supported by International Media Support (IMS) from Denmark, is intended to facilitate a more active presence of women experts in the media.

The database includes the name, photo, contact details, and brief information about the field or fields in which each expert works. The information is available in the four countries' official languages and English to allow journalists from different countries to access the information. The selection of experts is based on criter
ia of professionalism, notoriety, and availability to be contacted by journalists. The database will be continuously updated with new names.

To see the list of experts from each country, click on the circle with the respective country's flag on the right side of the opening page:

The Republic of Moldova's database includes profiles of 28 experts in various fields, such as human rights, children's rights, non-discrimination, politics, defense, peacekeeping missions, security, regional foreign policy, labor protection, occupational health, anti-corruption, media, disinformation, integrity, access to information, strategic communication, investigative journalism, gender policies, social protection policies, environment, business, psychology, and local authorities. The database will be continuously updated to provide a wide range of fields in which women have expertise and training.

The president of the Center for Investigative Journalism, Cornelia Cozonac, said that the database is intended for journalists to help them contact female experts, including when they need experts from Ukraine, Georgia or Armenia. The database is important to have a gender balance in broadcasts, talk-shows, news, reports, and other journalistic materials.

The Women Investigative Journalists Network (WIJN) is an active network of women investigative journalists from the countries of the Eastern Partnership. Developed by the Center for Journalistic Investigations from Moldova, the Center for Media Initiatives from Armenia, Studio Monitore from Georgia, and the Institute for Regional Media Development from Ukraine, with the support of International Media Support from Denmark. The project aims to support cross-border investigative journalism, build the database of female experts, provide legal advice to investigative journalists, and help develop and implement gender policies in newsrooms to help journalists maintain gender balance in their daily work.



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