Impact of an investigation by the ANI takes note of the official from UTA Gagauzia, a relative of the general prosecutor

The National Integrity Authority (ANI) takes note after an investigation of the portal revealed that the deputy director of the Youth and Sports Directorate of UTA Gagauzia, Serghei Stoianoglo, recently elected member of the Autonomous Electoral Commission, did not declare his business and the potential revenues. The president of

Mariana Colun

In 2020, ANI Initiated Over 240 Contravention Cases and Applied Fines in the Total Amount of Approximately Half a Million Lei


Law to Abrogate the “Billion Law” Declared Unconstitutional


ANI inspectors have been checking the property of Deputy Prosecutor General Ruslan Popov for more than a year. What are the reasons for the delay


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General Prosecutor's Office reacts to the article of about the PCCOCS’s party // An investigation was started


Impact of an investigation on the portal: ANI files a complaint against the PSRM deputy


Moldova is in the Top Ten by the Number of Applications at the ECtHR Compared to the Country's Population


EU approves €5 million in support of police sector reform


Unjustified property: Head of the " Green Spaces Association" targeted by ANI. For what amount the official cannot be held accountable