The NGO media make call to authorities to provide complete and timely information on the epidemiological situation in the country

The nongovernmental organizations operating in the mass media sector:  Association of Independent Press, Center for Independent Journalism, Center for Investigative Journalism, Association of Electronic Press, Acces-info Center, Committee for the Freedom of the Press, Association of Independent Tele-Journalists, RISE Moldova call on the Moldovan authorities to ensure swift and comprehensive

Cornelia Cozonac

ANI will check the property of several prosecutors, targeted in an investigation by the Center of Investigative Journalism


DOC // Moldovan politician Valentina Buliga, the organizer of a violent protests movement in Germany? Former MP: "Someone’s bad deed"


More organizations to benefit from 2% mechanism in 2020 //CIJM is among the beneficiaries


People's Advocate condemns actions of intimidation of journalists from the CIJM


TOP 10 Journalistic Investigations by the CIJM in 2019


Two investigative journalists, intimidated and threatened with physical harm//CIJM lodged a complaint with IGP


Almost 25% of respondents of poll consider institution where they work is affected by corruption, TI-Moldova


Anticorruption Prosecutor's office takes note following an investigation by CIJM


EU approves €30 million disbursement in Macro-Financial Assistance to the Republic of Moldova