Diaspora to get more ballot papers for the second round

Cetățenii moldoveni, făcând coadă la o secție de vot din Londra. Sursa foto: Irina Nani

The Central Election Commission voted to increase the number of ballot papers for polling stations outside the country for the second round of presidential elections on November 13.   Thus, in some European towns, the number of ballot papers will increase from 2000 in the first round of elections to 3000 ballot papers in the runoff. They are: Toronto in Canada, the Hague in the Netherlands, Geneva in Switzerland, Strasbourg in France, Portimao, Faro and Setubal in Portugal and Atlanta and Raleigh in USA.

London is not in the list of regions that will get a higher number of ballot papers, though the polling station ran out of ballot papers in the elections from October 30 before the polling station closed.

It is worth mentioning that earlier, the diaspora expressed dissatisfaction with the small number of polling stations opened in some countries where a high number of Moldovan citizens settled, mainly in Russia and the UK.

CEC pointed that the Government must take the decision to open a higher number of polling stations abroad. Sergiu Gurduza, member of CEC considers that the rise in the number of ballot papers is not a problem or the citizens working abroad want both more polling stations and ballot papers.

"They speak as if we are going to open another 100 polling stations abroad.  Each polling place will have 3 thousands ballot papers.The number of polling stations will not increase; just there will be a higher number of ballot papers. Let us not misinform the citizens from Diaspora who want to vote", said Gurduza.

To supplement the number of ballot papers in polling stations set abroad, the number of printed ballot papers will increase from 3.131.927, to 3.142.427.



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