DOC//The ghost field at the Dinamo stadium remains under seizure

Viorica Mija
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The Chisinau District Court, the headquarters of the Center, has rejected the request of "Prosport Invest" company, which owns the lease rights over a portion of land in the territory of the Dinamo sports club, to remove the seizure imposed by the prosecutors. Anticorupț revealed that the land, which could end up in the company's pocket for an unlimited term due to a lease contract with questionable legality, has raised concerns about the potential risk of alienating a public asset, which could cause a loss of 58 million lei to the state treasury.

After the real estate was seized by the conclusion of the investigating judge, the company submitted the summons to the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office. However, the court dismissed the company's claims as unfounded.

"Prosport Invest" is a company that was founded on November 18, 2015, and signed a rental contract for the land 23 days later. The SRL belongs to the businessman Viorel Bodiu, a former football player and a close friend of the ex-director of the Dinamo club, Arcadie Bostan, who countersigned the transaction on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior. From the entry into force of the contract until 2019, SRL "Prosport Invest" built 11 buildings on the leased land, and subsequently submitted several requests that raise questions about the true purpose of this project and possible hidden interests.

Immediately after the completion of the constructions, "Prosport Invest" requested from the Public Property Agency the issuance of a positive opinion for the preparation of the feasibility study to determine the land area required for the technological process related to private real estate for the subsequent sale-purchase. This action was dismissed, but the request demonstrates in great detail that the SRL made attempts to seize the land.

In 2020, one year later, "Prosport Invest" obtained, by entering the real estate register, recognition of the right of private ownership for the 11 real estates. Although the provisions of the lease contract do not indicate that the ownership of the built constructions could be transferred to the SRL, the fate of the land on which they were built became uncertain, and the owner, more difficult to "evict" from the location after investing tens of millions of lei.

The General Prosecutor's Office commented to Anticorupț that there are reasonable suspicions of exceeding the duties of the office, and the case is at the stage of criminal investigation. At the same time, by the conclusion of the investigating judge, a seizure was applied to the real estate.

In parallel, the Dinamo sports club requested in court the declaration of the nullity of the rental contract, as well as the deletion of the entries from the Real Estate Register.

On the other hand, the jurist Iuliana Pascal, who represents the interests of "Prosport Invest" in court, declared that the contract was for a piece of land that was in disrepair, and her client, being the president of the mini-football federation, Viorel Bodiu, built a sports complex "for his personal satisfaction" with his own resources because he wanted to develop mini-football, having been a sportsman in the past.

Viorica Mija

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